Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering is the world's most popular collectable card game. Magic the Gathering players assume the role of mighty Planeswalkers; powerful wizards able to use the resource known as mana to summon creatures and cast magic spells to defeat their opponents. The Magic the Gathering card game is commonly played with two players. Each player used their own deck of cards, which represents the players' spell repertoire. Magic the Gathering players can get decks from specially designed pre-made decks found in Intro Packs, Clash Packs or Duel Deck products, or they can build their own individual and unique decks using cards from their own personal Magic card collection.

The fun of Magic the Gathering comes not just from playing the game itself, but from the thrill of opening rare and valuable cards from booster packs and then collecting or trading these cards to build up decks based upon a player's own unique play style.

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